Issue 67: Anti Fog-Coatings and Films. All the latest nanotech and graphene investment, company and product news February-March 2021


Published April 2020, 23 pages

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Following on from the last issue, the 2021 publication of the Graphene Directory, this months offering is back to industry news, funding and products. There has been a slew of recent investments, product launches, collaborations and commercial agreements.
This month's issue focused on the market for Anti-Fog Coatings and Films, which has come to prominence lately through the use of facemasks and visors in multiple settings, and the difficulties from their use. Fogging by moisture condensation on transparent substrates presents a major challenge in several optical applications that require excellent light transmission characteristics, such as eyeglasses and vehicle windshields, and can lead to serious hazards involving in blurred vision, light scattering, energy consumption and safety hazard during the usage process of transparent glass and plastics. These problems limit the uses of transparent polymeric materials.

Latest nanotech investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance. February-March 2021

  • Funding for medical nanotech.
  • Nanotechnology for  nickel-iron and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Nanotechnology architectures for the detection and separation of viruses, biogenic amines and other pathogens.
  • Graphene and layered materials in semiconductors.


Anti-fog coatings and films

  • Applications.
  • Types of anti-fog coatings.
  • Properties.
  • Markets.
    • Automotive.
    • Healthcare.
    • Eyewear.
    • Food packaging & agricultural films.
  • Anti-fog coatings and film manufacturers.


Nanotech product news, February to March 2021

  • Temporary tattoo-delivered sensors that utilize DNA nanoparticles.
  • Carbon nanotubes to improve battery performance at lower loadings.
  • Single-wall carbon nanotubes for silicone rubber. 
  • Nanotubes to conduct electricity in solar cells and panels.
  • Self-disinfecting nanocoatings. 
  • Quantum dots for plant growth.
  • Boron Nitride Nanotubes.
  • Nanodiamonds for batteries.
  • Medical device nanocoatings.
  • Nanotechnology for the control and mitigation of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Nanotechnology for testing water for chemical pollution and toxicity levels.
  • Nanofibers for textiles.
  • Skin patches using nanotech. 


Graphene product news, February to March 2021

  • Graphene biocidal coating.
  • Graphene formulation to improve the strength of concrete and reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Graphene quantum dots for LEDs. 
  • Automotive sealants.
  • Graphene ecosystem.
  • Graphene supercapacitors.
  • Graphene shoes.
  • Graphene-enhanced battery for electric vehicles.
  • Wide-spectrum image sensors based on graphene and quantum-dot technologies.
  • Next-generation graphene batteries for green mobility, grid storage, aviation and consumer products.
  • Flexible graphene-based biosensor technology.






Issue 66 (January 2021)

Issue 65 (December 2020)


Issue 64

  • Pg. 4. Latest nanotech investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance. October-November 2020
  • Pg 6. Nanobubbles market focus. Properties, applications, definitions, Nanobubble equipment manufacturers.
  • Pg. 10. Latest nanotech product news.
    • Nanofiber masks.
    • Nano battery cathodes.
    • Nanotechnology-based bullet-proof products.
    • Improving the durability of solar modules with carbon nanotubes.
    • Nano biomarkers for cancer detection.
    • Nanoporous membranes for lithium extraction.
    • Carbon nanotube composites.
    • Cellulose nanofibers for cosmetics thickeners.
    • Nanofiltration membrane solutions for organic-heavy waste streams.
    • Solar heat absorber.
    • Nanomaterials derived from the use of CO2 for industrial use.


  • Pg. 16-20. Latest graphene product news.
    • Graphene facemasks.
    • Graphene carbon aerogel composites.
    • Graphene-based EMI shielding applications.
    • Graphene for fuel and brake lines.
    • Graphene supercapacitors.
    • Graphene investments and funding rounds.
    • Graphenefire retardant coatings.
    • Graphene-oxide-based ink battery.
    • Green hydrogen and battery grade graphene materials.
    • Graphene-based all polymer solar thermal cells.
    • Graphene medical products.

 Issue 63

  • The market for phase change materials. Focus on the latest market developments in phase change materials including types, applications and markets.
  • The market for advanced anti-viral and anti-microbial coatings.
  • Latest nanotech investments and funding rounds.
  • Latest nanotech products: Nanodiamond batteries; silicon nanopowders; nanotech for security; air filters; hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings; nanotech water filters; nanotech wireless mobile phone charger; carbon nanotubes batteries; new quantum dot products; antiviral nanocoatings; water repellent fabrics.
  • Latest graphene products: graphene batteries; graphene-based smart heating mattress; graphene masks; graphene-based virucidal ink; graphene rubber; graphene composites; graphene production; EV batteries and ultracapacitors.

 Issue 62

  • P. 4-10 Nanodiamonds
    • Properties
    • Types
    • Applications
    • Company activity.


  • P.10-13 Recent nanotech COVID-19 product and research news
    • Nano-coated filters.
    • Bio-photonic nanochips for detection.
    • Graphene in face masks to enhance personal protective equipment.
    • Composite inks for COVID-19.
    • Security markers to medical face masks.
    • Magnetic nanoparticles for diagnostics.
    • Rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests.
    • S-layer vaccines.
    • Portable COVID-19 diagnostic test based on nanosensors.


  • P. 14-17 Nanotech research and product news.
    • Nanocages for the nuclear industry.
    • Solar-powered nanoparticle systems.
    • Oil-in-water nanoemulsion technology.
    • PLGA nanoparticles.
    • Nanotech for enhanced oil and gas recovery.
    • Carbon nanotubes for Li-Ion battery cathodes and anodes.
    • Quantum dot agricultural products.
    • Nanoptics for security.
    • Quantum dot wearable patches.


  • P. 18-21 Graphene product and production news.
    • 2D materials in aerospace engine systems.
    • Latest graphene production.
    • Graphene concrete.
    • Graphehe conductive inks.
    • Graphene for roads.
    • Graphene motorbikes.
    • Graphene lubricants.
    • Graphene antibacterial products.


 Issue 61

An expanded issue that looks at current nanotech solutions for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic including diagnostic testing, facemasks, coatings, PPE and air filtration (indoors). Also covered in this issue is ongoing research, products, product and commercialization in other nanomaterials, graphene and carbon nanotubes.


Issue 60

An expanded issue that looks at future efforts to mitigate the current pandemic. Namely, the use of antimicrobial and antiviral nanocoatings, which is light of the current situation should be rolled out on a global scale over the next couple of years. Cost has traditionally been viewed as a significant hindrance to their use, especially in healthcare environments, both in terms of the cost of the coatings themselves and cost competitiveness versus traditional coatings. However, the colossal economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic should render the cost issue irrelevant if public health authorities wish to fully mitigate future public health emergencies. This issue also covers latest anti-viral nanotech face masks products, investments, nanotech products, regulations and graphene news.

Issue 59

The main nanotech markets, graphene and quantum dots, continue to receive heavy investment and funding. Products that have come to the market over the past few months include marine coatings, anti-counterfeiting, solar panels and new TV and display products. Samsung has announced plans to invest $11 billion in QD technology and QD producers have recently received multi-million dollar funding.

Issue 58

The market for nanomaterials continues to grow, in part driven by their ability to meet challenges for biofriendly and sustainable products. This month there are numerous product developments in renewable energy, oil spillage clean-up, fast charging batteries for electric vehicles and environmentally friendly packaging.
Perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) are coming to commercial prominence due to their excellent photophysical properties, low heavy metal content and low cost fabrication in comparison to conventional quantum dots. In depth analysis is provided on their properties, synthesis, production, applications, challenges and recent commercial activity from prominent producers.
Also covered in this issue are the latest nanotech investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance; new nanotech and graphene products and production and nanomaterials regulatory developments.

Issue 57 

Quantum dots are THE nanomaterials success story. Quantum-dot enhancement film is widely used in LEDs for high definition televisions and displays, and are a multi-billion dollar market. However, what we have seen so far is the tip of the iceberg.
The next wave of QD display products will incorporate quantum dots on glass, quantum dot colour filters (QDCF) for microLEDS and displays, perovskite QDs and inkjet printed QDs.

Issue 56 

There has been an increasing focus over the past couple of years in using nanotechnology and nanomaterials to meet many of the significant energy and sustainability challenges that the world faces. In fact, many of the challenges facing all major industries are being met by the exploitation of these remarkable materials. This month's issue covers new product developments in graphene filters, nano smart windows, new carbon nanomaterials for batteries, nanostructured alloys for electric vehicle charger connectors and silicon quantum dots for solar windows.
A recent plethora of new nanotech products in Japan also features heavily in this issue. New protective coatings and materials are also featured, from waterproofing electronics to protecting consumer packaging from smudging and staining. The latest investment and regulatory news is also covered in depth.

Issue 55 | December 2018

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), automotive nanotechnology.  Latest nanotech, graphene product and business news.

  • Latest innovations in nanotechnology in the Automotive Sector.
  • New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, November-December 2018.
  • New nanotech products, November-December 2018.
  • New graphene products, November-December 2018.
  • Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news, November-December 2018.
  • Also in this issue: Graphene Nanotubes, Manufacturing Low Cost Nanomaterials, Goodfellow materials, HZO coatings and more.

Issue 54 | August 2018

  • Polymer nanocomposites. The market for graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanoclays and cellulose nanofibers in composites. Products, companies and technologies.
  • New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, July-August 2018.
  • New nanotech products, July-August 2018.
  • New graphene products July-August 2018.
  • Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news July-August 2018.

Issue 53 | May-June 2018

Waterproof nanocoatings. Graphene in filtraton. Latest nanotech news.  

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Analysis of the global market for single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT). Read more


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Nanotechnology in the smart textiles and wearables market. Read more

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Using carbon nanostructures as the assembly platform in semiconductor advanced packaging. Read more

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Nanodiamonds. Automotive nanodisplays. Nanoskin deep. Read more

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Smart electronic clothing incorporating nanomaterials for conductivity and monitoring. Nanotech in China. Smart windows. Read more

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Graphene Quantum Dots, Carbon Nano-Onions, Commercializing Nanocellulose. Read more

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Quantum Dot TVs. The market for PAMAM dendrimers. C2N holey 2D materials. Read more

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Carbon Nanotube Memory, Meta Materials and Nano Lubricants. Read more

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Anti-reflective nanocoatings, Anti-icing nanocoatings, Graphene in South Korea. Read more

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Nanotechnology in Japan; Carbon nanomaterials in Asia. Read more

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2D Materials Special Issue. Read more

Issue 34 

Nanomaterials in Packaging; Food Packaging; Anti-counterfeiting; Chemical, Biological and Explosive Threat Detection. Read more

Issue 33 

Nanocoatings are increasingly finding application in metal equipment requiring protection from corrosion, fatigue, wear, erosion and heat; Graphene in Lithium-ion batteries  (LIB); Nanotechnology in wound careRead more

Issue 32 

Graphene market and nanotech companies to watch in 2015. Read more

Issue 31 

Anti-fingerprint nanocoatings, automotive nanocoatings and printable electronics. Read more

Issue 30 

The nanocoatings market. Read more

Issue 29 

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Medical nanocoatings. ZIRCONIUM OXIDE NANOPARTICLES. Read more

Issue 28 

Nanocoatings in waterproof electronics. Single walled carbon nanotubes. Flexible nanowires. Read more

Issue 27 

Quantum dots in displays.  Carbon nanotubes. Read more

Issue 26 

Nanomaterials in Li-ion batteries. Self-healing nanomaterials. Gold nanoparticles. Read more

Issue 25 

Industry outlook from Aeonclad Coatings. Graphene in healthcare. Read more

Issue 24 

Graphene: Guest article from Vorbeck Materials. Graphene-The new wonder material: Guest article from Haydale. Graphene commercialization: Graphene in products. Anti-corrosion nanocoatings. Read more

 Issue 23 

Nanomaterials in Li-ion batteries. Nanosilica. Carbon nanotubes. Read more

Issue 22

Cellulose nanocrystals. Success in graphene. Zinc oxide nanoparticles. Read more 


Issue 21 

Graphene: Guest article from Vorbeck Materials. Graphene-The new wonder material: Guest article from Haydale. Graphene in products. Anti-corrosion nanocoatings. Read more  

Issue 20 

Graphene production. Green Earth Nano Science Inc. outlines the use of colloidal chemistry in their range of products. Automotive nanocoatings. Graphene in China. Read more 

Issue 19 

Photocatalytic nanocoatings. Nanocoatings strategies and growing markets. Nanotech in the marine and boat industry. Nanotech in the biomedical and life sciences industry. Nanocoatings in the industrial tools and machinery sector. Read more

Issue 18 

Nanotech in smartphones. Graphene in the electronics market. Interview with Graphenea. Leading nanotech companies in the biomedical and life sciences industry. Focus on germanane. Read more 

Issue 17

Featuring the hottest 100 nanotech products in: Consumer goods, medicine, plastics, automotive, security, aerospace, oil & gas, construction, electronics etc. Read more

 Issue 16 

Featuring the hottest 100 nanotech companies including producers and application developers. Read more

Issue 15 

Quantum dots. Nanofood. Nanomagnetics. Nanowires. Magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles. Read more

 Issue 14

Nanotechnology in the oil and gas industry. Carbon nanotube sensors. Dendrimers. Carbon nanohorns. Nanotechnology in cement. Read more

Issue 13

Carbon Nanotubes Markets and Future Prospects. Nanomaterials Regulation Worldwide. The Market for Nanoscale Precipitated calcium carbonate. AFM Probes Market and Companies. Nanotechnology in South Korea. Read more

Issue 12 

Graphene. Specialty optical fibers. Silicene. Graphdiyne. Graphane. Read more  


Issue 11 

Anti-corrosion nanocoatings. Nanocellulose production in france. Nano-precipitated calcium carbonate. Molybdenum disulfide . Nanofibers. Antimony tin oxide nanopowders. Read more 

 Issue 10

Nanotechnology in textiles. Zinc oxide nanoparticles. Nanoalumina.  Nanotech in the aerospace and aviation industries. Nanotechnology in the United Kingdom. Read more

 Issue 9

Nanocomposites in cement. Nanotechnology in adhesives. The market for nanocoatings. Anti-fingerprint coatings. Nanomaterials in insulation. Read more

 Issue 8 

Nanotechnology in security. Nanophotonics. Nanofibers. Nanotechnology in Germany. View content 


 Issue 7 

Going green with nanotechnology. Nanocellulose. NANOTOXICOLOGY-A COMPLEX ISSUE. Nanotechnology in catalysts. Nanotechnology in Russia. Nanosilver. View content

 Issue 6 

Understanding the challenge of nanomaterials toxicology. Nanostructured Zirconia. The EU Definition of Nanomaterials – Perspectives from Europe and America. Current progress and future perspectives in toxicology of nanomaterials. Cerium oxide nanopowders. View content  

 Issue 5 

Nano drug delivery. Sol-gel coatings. Nanotechnology in batteries. Fullerenes. Nanotechnology in India. View content  

 Issue 4 

Nanotechnology in medical implants. How nanomaterials are leading to new and enhanced products in the cosmetics and personal care. Nanocomposite coatings. A guide to the latest nanotechnology developments for water treatment and remediation. A look at Taiwan’s National Nanotechnology Program, now in its second phase. Titanium Dioxide Nanopowders. Read more  

Issue 3 

Nanosilver. Regulating nanotechnology.Nanocellulose. Nanotechnology in China. Nanotechnology in glass. View content 

Issue 2 

Quantum dots. Nanotechnology in solar energy. Nanotechnology in the military. Focus on nanotechnology in the construction and architecture sector. Focus on nanotechnology in the cleantech sector. Nanotechnology in the USA. A look at how anti-corrosion and wear resistant nanocoatings are being applied to a wide range of industries including oil and gas and manufacturing machinery. Zinc oxide nanopowders. Read more

Issue 1 

GRAPHENE: The new wonder material? How nanotechnology is driving the next generation of electronics and computing.  Nanotech-enabled next generation displays for consumer electronics. A look at how nanotechnology is driving innovation in the consumer products sector.  Focus on nanotechnology in the volatile automotive industry. Nanotechnology in Japan. Nanoclays-end user market for nanoclays are in packaging, automotive, cosmetics and toiletries, water filtration, flame retardant  materials, medical and biomaterials and paints, pigments and dyes. Read more 





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