Issue 53: Water resistant nanocoatings for consumer electronics device


Waterproof nanocoatings electronics

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Global challenges such as clean energy and water are being met with what it appears to be the constant development of new nanotech-enabled products and processes. This month sees a host of new innovations in batteries and ultracapacitors for electric vehicles, coatings for solar windows and solar cells, and CO2 conversion technology. There have been multi-million dollar investments in companies developing nanotech in these areas recently.
Graphene is seen as a key tech for water filtration and there have been several recent breakthroughs reported. We profile the market along with the burgeoning sector for water resistant electronics. With explosion of the smartphone and wearables market in the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for a waterproof electronics. Most major handheld electronics manufacturers have made their devices water resistant in the last few years and we profile the companies developing waterproof nanocoatings.

In this issue

  • Page 4: Market focus on advances in water resistant nanocoatings for consumer electronics devices including product development and suppliers.
  • Page 8: New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, May-June 2018 including graphene investment in China, investments in graphene and carbon nanofibers.
  • Page 10: New nanotech products, May-June 2018 including face masks, quantum dots and carbon nanotubes for ESD packaging.
  • Page 14: New graphene products including supercapacitors, marine coatings, graphene quantum dots and solar cell coatings.
  • Page 19: New research and product development in nanotechnology for energy storage and generation.
  • Page 22: New research and product development in nanotechnology for biomedicine and life sciences.
  • Page 24: Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news May-June 2018.
  • Page 26: Nanocoatings research and product development news May-June 2018.
  • Page 28: Hot nanotech companies-New nanotechnology and nanomaterials start-ups.
  • Page 30: Filtering with graphene. Market focus on product development and companies in graphene for water filtration.
Issue 53
Issue 53
PDF download.

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