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Nanocomposites: Market and Outlook

The growing use of polymer composites has resulted in increasing demand for nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene and nanocellulose, as companies seek alternatives to carbon fiber and petroleum-based packaging. Article contents include:

  • What are nanocomposites?
  • Applications in polymer composites, by nanomaterials type and benefits thereof.
  • Markets for nanocomposites.
  • Market outlook.
  • Nanocomposites companies.

Nanotech in the Smart and Interactive Textiles Market

Advances over the last few years in electronics have led to the development of electronic (E-textiles) or smart textiles. Smart textiles and garments have the ability to sense environmental stimuli and react or adapt in a predetermined way. This involves either embedding or integrating sensors/actuators and electronic components into textiles for use in applications such as medical diagnostics and health monitoring, consumer electronics, industrial monitoring, safety instruments and automotive textiles.

The industry is now moving towards the development of electronic devices with flexible, thin, and large-area form factors. Electronic devices that are fabricated on flexible substrates for application in flexible displays, electronic paper, smart packages, skin-like sensors, wearable electronics, implantable medical implements etc. is a fast growing market. Their future development depends greatly on the exploitation of advanced materials. Recent advances in stimuli-responsive surfaces and interfaces, sensors and actuators, flexible electronics, nanocoatings and conductive nanomaterials will result in the development of a new generation of smart and adaptive electronic fibers, yarns and fabrics, healthcare devices, smart surfaces, smart packaging and wearables such as smart watches and e-textiles. Article contents include:

  • Types of smart textiles.
  • Smart textile products.
  • Conductive inks
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Military
  • Energy harvesting textiles

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