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Market focus: Self-healing materials and coatings

Inspired by natural biological systems, continuous efforts are being made to mimic natural materials and integrate self-healing capabilities into coatings, polymers and polymer composites.Research on self-healing materials and coatings has grown significantly in the last decade, as they are an attractive option for extending asset life and improving safety in response to environmental changes. Main application markets for self-healing materials and coatings are:
• Automotive coatings that heal post damage and restore functionality.
• Aerospace composites.
• Consumer mobile devices (mainly scratch repair at present)
• Wind turbine blades.
• Concrete capable of repairing cracks.
• Self-healing batteries for wearable electronics.
• Self-healing elastomers (seals, tires).

Market focus: Nanotechnology in smart medical wearables

Nanomaterials enable new generation wireless communication, sensors and low-power electronics for connected health and are driving innovations in wearable medical devices. Areas covered in this article include:

  • Patch-type skin sensors.
  • Hydration sensors
  • Wearable sweat sensors.
  • Smart footwear.

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Issue 50
Issue 50
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