Issue 56


There has been an increasing focus over the past couple of years in using nanotechnology and nanomaterials to meet many of the significant energy and sustainability challenges that the world faces. In fact, many of the challenges facing all major industries are being met by the exploitation of these remarkable materials. This month’s issue covers new product developments in graphene filters, nano smart windows, new carbon nanomaterials for batteries, nanostructured alloys for electric vehicle charger connectors and silicon quantum dots for solar windows.
A recent plethora of new nanotech products in Japan also features heavily in this issue. New protective coatings and materials are also featured, from waterproofing electronics to protecting consumer packaging from smudging and staining. The latest investment and regulatory news is also covered in depth.

In this issue

  • New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, February-March 2019
  • New nanotech products, February-March 2019 2018.
  • New graphene products, February-March 2019.
  • Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news, February-March 2019.
  • Nanotech products in Japan.
  • Graphene for bulletproof vests.
  • Nanotech delivery for cannabis products.
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings in the utility-scale solar market.
  • Remote monitoring nano biosensor patch.
  • Cellulose nanofibers in urethane resins.
  • Conductive nano plastics.
  • Gold nanorod lateral flow immunoassays.
  • 3D printed nanotechnology for medicine.
  • Nanofiber wound dressings.
  • Smart windows using nanotech.
  • Nanosensors to detect early-stage cancer.
  • New carbon material for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LiBs).
  • Silicon quantum dots for solar windows.
  • Nanocoatings for consumer packaging.
  • Protecting electronics with nanocoatings.
  • Graphene fabrics.
  • Anti-corrosion graphene coatings.
  • Graphene water filters.
  • Graphene footwear.
  • New graphene production facilities.
  • Carbon nanotubes for heat-resistant fluoro-rubber O-rings.
  • Carbon nanotubes in rubber compounding technology for natural rubber and synthetic rubbers.
  • Carbon nanobelts.
  • Self-repairing concrete.
  • Nanofiber air filters in India.
  • Quantum dot microLED displays

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Issue 56
Issue 56
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