Issue 54: Nanocomposites


Developments in the market for nanocomposites: There is increased consumer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. This has led to the development of nanocomposites derived from renewable sources with triggered biodegradability, but with the same mechanical properties as commonly used materials. The global plastics sector currently produces approximately 250 million tons annually. Over 99% of this is derived from fossil fuels, and most of it is not biodegradable. Currently, the packaging materials are largely based on glass, aluminum and tin, and fossil derived synthetic plastics. These materials possess high strength and barrier properties. However, they are unsustainable, some are fragile such as glass, and their weight adds to energy costs for shipping. Therefore industry is turning to nanomaterials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanofibers.

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  • Page 4: Polymer nanocomposites. The market for graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanoclays and cellulose nanofibers in composites. Products, companies and technologies.
  • Page 8: New nanotech commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, July-August 2018.
  • Page 10: New nanotech products, July-August 2018.
  • Page 17: New graphene products July-August 2018.
  • Page 20: Global nanomaterials regulations and policy news July-August 2018.
Issue 54
Issue 54
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