Issue 46


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Market focus: Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs)

  • Properties of graphene quantum dots
  • Synthesis
  • Applications
  • Advantages
  • Recent commercial activity
  • Graphene quantum dots producers.

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Application focus: Graphene in coatings

  • Properties.
  • Advantages.
  • Recent commercial activity.

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Investment and funding news

  • Nanowire biosensors.
  • Quantum dots producer.
  • New deals for graphene producer.
  • Funding for graphene product that can stop bleeding.
  • Investment for company produces producing cellulose nanofiber biodegradable packaging and disposable tableware.

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Nanotech business and product news

  • Solar powered watersplitting nanoparticles.
  • Graphene for rubber and composites.
  • Graphene conductive inks for electrodes in thin, flexible printed batteries.
  • Quantum dot solar cells.
  • New graphene supercapacitor product.
  • Bacterial nanocellulose production.
  • Hydrogel and polyester nanofiber tissue engineering.
  • Nanofiber lithium ion battery separators.
  • Improving cancer treatments through the application of nanotechnology.
  • Novel bioinformatics-enabled nanotechnology for early cancer detection.
  • Quantum dots LEDS (QLEDs) for next generation TVs.

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Government, regulation, funding and policy news

  • Stewardship considerations for nanomaterials and nanoproducts.
  • Safety of titanium dioxide nanoparticles.
  • Regulation on Medical Devices related to nanomaterials.

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Nanocoatings product and business news

  • Spray-on coating for eliminating light.
  • Friction reducing nanocoating.
  • Graphene-enhanced metal surface coatings.
  • Anti-adhesive, anti-corrosive and antimicrobial nanocoatings.

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Quantum dots news

Issue 46
Issue 46
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