US company develops nanoemulsions to improve solubility


Therapeutics Solutions International, Inc., has announced successful production of a stable nanoemulsion of pterostilbene from ingredients Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). The nanoemulsion, which is a form of pterostilbene containing nanoparticles, is covered for use in cancer immunotherapy under the Company’s issued U.S. Patent No.: 9,682,047. Pterostilbene is the active ingredient in the Company’s patented ProJuvenol product.

Pterostilbene, a more potent analogue of resveratrol, is extracted from many plants, and has been reported by others to possess ability to prevent cancer as well as to slow its growth. A freely available summary of scientific literature on pterostilbene is available at the following link

Unfortunately, the poor solubility and stability of pterostilbene has strictly restrained its applications. As a good protection and oral delivery system, an optimal nanoemulsion for pterostilbene was developed by using a low – energy emulsification method.

“Having verified nanoparticle lengths of the pterostilbene in the 100nm (nanometer) range we are excited to now scale-up our manufacturing process for commercialization. To put this in perspective the thickness of a single human hair measures approximately 75,000 nm across, meaning 750 of our nanoparticles lined up side by side would fit in the diameter of a human hair,” said Thomas Ichim, PhD, Director of Therapeutic Solutions International. “In our opinion, the small size, combined with the stability of the formulation, positions our NanoStilbene product as second-to-none in terms of effectively delivering the pterostilbene compound for a variety of uses.”

“The product derived from the ‘047 patent is currently being called “NanoStilbene”. This nanoemulsion droplet of nanoparticle pterostilbene is free from air, light, and hard environment; therefore, as a delivery system, nanoemulsion can not only improve the bioavailability of pterostilbene but also protect it from oxidation and hydrolysis, while it possesses an ability of sustained release at the same time. We hope to announce soon the availability of this product in a future release,” added Tim G Dixon, CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International.


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