Sunvault Energy Signs Joint Venture Agreement and Creates Supervault Energy to develop Graphene energy storage device


SUNVAULT ENERGY INC. has announced the creation of a joint venture company, Supervault Energy Inc. The newly formed joint venture company is 50% owned by Sunvault Energy Inc. SuperVault Energy Inc. has signed a license and development agreement to use certain UCLA developed patented Graphene technology for use in the area of Electricity storage such as battery alternatives.

The Sunvault Energy solar technology chipset allows for the generation, transfer and storage of energy within the same unit. The UCLA created patented process is useable in the manufacturing of a Super – Super Capacitor that is a bolt on technology for Sunvault’s technology, as well as anywhere batteries of any type are used. The combination of these two technologies gives SuperVault the ability to create, transfer and store large amounts of energy within the same unit.

With the ability to cost effectively size these units to any power size, this revolutionizes the world of energy management, generation and storage as we now see it.

 Graphene energy storage device

This new graphene energy storage device has a number of potential purposes, from the use by large utility operators for grid stabilization applications, right down to powering devices such as battery packs for Electric Cars and powering smart phones, which can then be fully charged to capacity within seconds to minutes.


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