High-yield technology for synthesis of high-purity TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes at Nano Tech 2017 in Japan


At Nano Tech 2017 in Japan, booths #4F-06 and #5J-04, OCSiAl, the world’s leading manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes, will present the first-ever commercially viable single wall carbon nanotubes that improve the performance of industrial materials, energy storage, and end products.

OCSiAl was the first company to succeed in transforming one of the most valuable nanoscience discoveries – single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) – into economically viable technologies and successfully commercialized end products. OCSiAl’s unique and completely scalable synthesis technology enables the production of high-purity nanotubes (80%) at a price 75 times lower than other techniques.

SWCNT possess a number of remarkable characteristics, such as exceptional conductivity, strength, and thermal stability, which make them a highly effective additive. Just 0.01% of SWCNT improves the properties of 70% of industrial materials.

OCSiAl’s flagship SWCNT product, TUBALL, has an exceptional performance to price ratio. This simple, efficient, low-cost, and scalable technology provides OCSiAl with an overwhelming global market share of almost 90%. Due to rapidly growing demand OCSiAl will increase production capacity to an unprecedented 60 tonnes in 2017, 1000 tonnes by 2020, and 3000 tonnes by 2022.

Besides high-purity TUBALL nanotubes, Nano Tech 2017 participants can see at first hand OCSiAl’s other innovative technologies for radical performance improvements in materials and energy storage:

  • Superconcentrated TUBALL MATRIX
  • TUBALL FOIL, a foil with a nanotube coating less than 50 nanometres thick, for use in batteries
  • TUBALL PAPER, an ultra-light, conductive, and durable material for lightweight applications

OCSiAl’s key partners from South Korea, including DUKSAN Chemicals, Grace Continental, and Trust Chem Corporation, will exhibit their already successfully marketed products powered by TUBALL SWCNT.

Come and see us at booths #4F-06 and #5J-04, and check out what the future will be made of!


Notes to editors
For media enquiries, please contact:
Diana Issa    
OCSiAl PR manager
T: +7 (905)5029994
E: issa.dm@ocsial.com
About OCSiAl

OCSiAl was the first company to develop breakthrough technology for the production of single wall carbon nanotubes, enabling large-scale commercial use for the first time. In 2014 it entered the nanomaterials market with its universal additive TUBALL™, which contains 80% of single wall carbon nanotubes. OCSiAl develops technologies based on nanotubes for a range of applications including lithium-ion batteries, elastomers, plastics, transparent conductive films, composite materials and others. In 2016 it launched a unique technology – the super-concentrate TUBALL™ MATRIX.  OCSiAl has regional offices in the USA, Luxembourg, Russia, Korea, China, Hong Kong and India. Details about the company are available on the OCSiAl website: www.ocsial.com



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