The Global Market for Nanotechnology


coverThe Global Market for Nanotechnology, 3rd edition is the most comprehensive assessment of the opportunities afforded by these remarkable materials and technologies. The report at over 960 pages long, offers full market forecasts for nanomaterials and industrial sectors impacted by nanotechnology.

The report offers:

  • In-depth analysis of the global market for nanotechnology and nanomaterials, applications, producers, product developers and products
  • Assessment of nanomaterials market including production volumes, competitive landscape, commercial prospects, applications, demand by market and region, commercialization timelines, prices and producer profiles.
  • Examples of successful markets and products.
  • Analysis of global trends, including historical data from 2010, and projections to 2027.
  • Exploration of nanomaterials and nanotech-enabled products market structures and value chains.
  • Collaborations in nanotechnology enabled product development.
  • Assessment of end user markets for nanotechnology and nanomaterials including market drivers and trends, applications, market opportunity, market challenges and application and product developer profiles.
  • Unique assessment tools for the nanomaterials market, end user applications, economic impact, addressable markets and market challenges to provide the complete picture of where the real commercial opportunities in nanotechnology and nanomaterials are.
  • Main application and product opportunities in nanotechnology.
  • Profiles of over 1,000 nanomaterials producers and application developers.

Content: 963 pages, 65 chapters, 507 tables, 154 figures | Published: June 27 2017 | Table of contents

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Buy report: The Global Market for Anti-fingerprint Nanocoatings, PDF
Buy report: The Global Market for Anti-fingerprint Nanocoatings, PDF
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The Global Market for Anti-fingerprint nanocoatings
The Global Market for Anti-fingerprint nanocoatings
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Issue 52
Issue 52
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