Creative Diagnostics introduces a new product line of quantum dots for researchers.

Creative Diagnostics, a global leading manufacturer of highly uniform nanoparticles widely used in biology and medicine, now introduces a new product line of quantum dots, enabling researchers new access to studies in imaging, biosensors, photovoltaic devices, solar cells, light emitting devices, catalysis, etc.

The quantum dots have uniform size, tunable emission and high quantum yield, as well as good thermal stability. The electronic characteristics and band gap of quantum dots are closely related to its size and shape. By changing the size of the quantum dots, the color of emitted light shifts from blue to near-infrared, which allows the excitation and emission of quantum dots to be highly adjustable, and brings lots of applications for highly sensitive cellular imaging, photovoltaic devices, solar cells, and light emitting devices.

“Our quantum dots are monodisperse without agglomeration and aggregation. With comprehensive characterization including TEM, UV-Vis, and DLS, and tunable emission ranging from visible to near-infrared wavelength, the quantum dots are also featured with high fluorescence intensity, good stability and long life time, containing various structures and surface ligands: core-shell, functionalized and conjugated. ” said Dr. Randy S. Vaughn, senior researcher at Creative Diagnostics.

“Creative Diagnostics provides a comprehensive list of DiagNano™ semiconductor quantum dots with different chemical compositions and surface functionalization. You can also find the most comprehensive list of nanoparticles products with different size and surface properties to meet your needs in both research and industrial development at Creative Diagnostics,” said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics.



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