The Global Market for Sol-Gel Nanocoatings to 2024



More and more manufacturers are turning to nanocoating technologies to further enhance current commercial products or add completely new properties to existing technology.
A number of different approaches have been used to fabricate nanocoatings including vapour deposition, chemical reduction, pulsedlaser deposition, mechanical milling, and electrochemical deposition. Among these processes, the sol-gel process, being able to be carried out in solution, is viewed as one of the most attractive. The sol-gel method is a chemical way to deposit coatings on a substrate and can be used for a range of nanotechnological products, such as powders, ultra-thin coatings, aero gels and fibers.

Properties that can be achieved with sol-gel nanocoatings include:

  • Hydrophobic surfaces;
  • Anti-fingerprinting;
  • Oleophobic surfaces;
  • Anti-microbial surfaces;
  • Easy to clean surfaces;
  • Protective transparent coatings;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Low friction;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Antistatic surfaces;
  • Conducting/semi-conducting surfaces;
  • Extreme mechanical wear resistant properties;
  • UV protection.

Typical end user markets include construction (pipes, facades, bridges), automotive (paint surface treatments, metal parts, metal structures,window, mirrors and lamps, plastic hoods), marine, electronics (components, screens and displays, plastic and metal parts), sanitary, oil and gas (pipes), energy (wind power structures and blades, glass surfaces on solar panels), consumer electronics (displays and plastic and metal parts) and food manufacturing. The aforementioned areas are all covered in this 150 page report.

Comprehensive quantitative data and forecasts for the global sol-gel nanocoatings market to 2024
Qualitative insight and perspective on the current market and future trends in end user markets
End user market analysis and technology timelines
Tables illustrating market size and by end user demand
Full company profiles of sol-gel nanocoatings application developers including technology descriptions, number of employees, contact details, and end user markets.

Published May 2014 | 150 pages | Table of contents

The Global Market for Sol Gel Nanocoatings, PDF
The Global Market for Sol Gel Nanocoatings, PDF
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The Global Market for Sol Gel Nanocoatings, PDF and Hard Copy
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