Polymer nanocomposites


The growing use of polymer composites has resulted in increasing demand for nanomaterials, such as CNTs, graphene and nanocellulose, as companies seek alternatives to carbon fiber and petroleum-based packaging.
Over the last few years, plastic nanocomposite applications have gained a commercial footing, due in large part to the efforts of resin manufacturers, compounders and masterbatch producers, who now offer user-friendly products to industries such as aerospace and aviation, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and electronics packaging, electrical and electronic goods, and sporting goods. Although applications vary widely, they principally exploit properties such as gas barrier, reinforcement and flame retardancy.

This article on the polymer composites market includes:

  • Graphene polymer composites.
  • Carbon nanotubes polymer composites.
  • Cellulose nanofiber/nanocellulose polymer composites.
  • Nanoclay polymer composites.

August 2018 | 4 pages

Polymer nanocomposites
Polymer nanocomposites
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