Nanotech Magazine Issue 6



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SAFE FROM HARM? Understanding the challenge of nanomaterials toxicology by Andrew Dean from Spartan Nano.

GRAPHENE: We take a look at current and future applications of this wonder material

NANOZIRCONIA: Nanostructured Zirconia is finding application in engineering materials, barrier coatings, technical ceramics, sensors, catalysts and fuel cells. Elsa Antunes, Nuno Neves and João Calado present InnovNano’s Emulsion Detonation Synthesis method.

REGULATIONS: The EU Definition of Nanomaterials – Perspectives from Europe and America. NanoSight, leading manufacturers of unique nanoparticle characterization technology, offers the latest news and views on the EU definition on nanomaterials.

NANOTOXICOLOGY: Current progress and future perspectives in toxicology of nanomaterials.

DIGESTED NANOMARKET: Cerium oxide nanopowders.

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