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Published April 2012 | Look inside this issue

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NANOTUBES: Ready for blast off…. We look at one of the world’s leading nanotube producers, Nanocomp Technologies Inc., and how they are developing practical applications for these materials.

NANOIMPLANTS: Worth between $15-$23 billion, the world market for medical implants is huge and the next generation of products are relying greatly on nanomaterials.

NANOCARE: Focus on how nanomaterials are leading to new and enhanced products in the cosmetics and personal care

NANOCOMPOSITE COATINGS: Dr. Juan-Pablo Bravo Vasquez outlines how nanocomposite coatings are making an impact across a variety of industries.

CLEAR BLUE NANOTECH: A guide to the latest nanotechnology developments for water treatment and remediation.

NANOTECHNOLOGY POLICY IN TAIWAN: A look at Taiwan’s National Nanotechnology Program, now in its second phase.

DIGESTED MARKET: Titanium Dioxide Nanopowders.

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