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NANOTECH IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRIES: As fossil fuels deplete and oil and gas companies have to dig deeper and in more extreme environments, the need for advance materials with new capabilities is required. Nanomaterials are beginning to meet this need.

NANOTUBE SENSORS: Nanosensor technology could significantly out-perform current commercial detection devices by up to a 1,000 fold. CNTs are excellent functional materials for the development of advanced sensors. We profile the leading application developers.

DENDRIMERS: As with carbon nanotubes, their industrial impact is not at the stage originally anticipated. However, dendrimers will have a major impact on the medical and sensors market and niche application in a raft of other sectors.

CARBON NANOHORNS: First discovered in 1999, like Carbon Nanotubes they exhibit the same graphitic carbon structure and are now being produced in large quantities.

NANOTECH IN CEMENT: There is a need to create high strength and strain concrete and cement products by using new composite materials with superior properties to existing materials. The emergence of nanotechnology applications in concrete and cement is relatively recent and most developments are still in the early commercialization process.

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