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Carbon Nanotubes Markets and Future ProspectsOnce the most promising of all nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes are in danger of being usurped in numerous applications by the likes of graphene.

Nanomaterials Regulation Worldwide: Regulatory bodies worldwide have sought to develop risk assessment processes to study the potential detrimental impacts of producing nanomaterials

The Market for Nanoscale Precipitated calcium carbonate: Nanoscale PPC (NPCC), also known as ultrafine PCC, displays a number of unique properties compared to PCC and is finding application as a functional filler and extender in plastic compounds in the plastics, rubber, coating, papermaking, paint, and printing ink industries.

AFM Probes Market and Companies: Due to the demand in nanomanipulation, biophysical probing, nanomechanics, nanoelectronics and metrology the AFM probes market is growing fast.

Nanotechnology in South Korea: The initiative is now in its 3rd phase (2011-2020), with focus on clean nanotech.

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