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GRAPHENE: Graphene has moved swiftly from the research laboratory to the marketplace, driven by demand from aerospace, automotive, coatings, electronics, energy storage, coatings and paints, communications, sensor, solar, oil, and lubricant sectors.

SPECIALTY OPTICAL FIBERS: Specialty optical fibers are playing an increasingly leading role in new applications and improved processes in the defence and security, sensing, automotive, shipbuilding and biomedicine industries.

SILICENE: The equivalent of graphene for silicon, i.e. a monolayer of silicon in a honeycomb structure, silicene displays potential for application in nanoelectronics, sensors and hydrogen storage.

GRAPHDIYNE: Focus on a new 2-dimensional carbon allotrope that is the subject of increasing research interest due tots promising electronic, optical, and mechanical properties that are distinct from graphene or carbon nanotubes.

GRAPHANE: A look at a material first theorized in 2006 as a derivative of graphene, graphane (also referred to as hydrogenated graphene) is an extended two-dimensional material consisting of a single layer of fully saturated carbon atoms.

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