Nanomaterials in Food Packaging


Nanotech in Food Packaging

Published March 2015 | 5 pages

Nanomaterials promise improved food production, processing, packaging, and storage. Food packaging applications have already hit the market and are likely to increase in the next decade.

Nanomaterials in Food Packaging

Nanoclays are widely used in barrier films & composites in food packaging, and nanosilver is used for antimicrobial protection. Nanomaterials utilized in the food sector include:

  • Nanosilver
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Zinc oxide
  • Nanoparticulate calcium carbonate and magnesium • Nanocellulose
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Polymer nanoclays and silicates.


  • Application areas for nanomaterials in the food industry including Agriculture (Pesticide additives, delivery, sensors, preservation); Food processing and formulation (Encapsulation and delivery, nanoemulsions, rheological modifiers); Nutrition (Nutraceuticals, vitamin delivery); and Packaging (Protective coatings and films, UV absorbers, absorbing compounds, antimicrobials, sensors, security).
  • Nanoclays in Food Packaging
  • Nanosilver in Food Packaging
  • Nanocellulose in Food Packaging
  • Commercial activities
  • Company profiles
Nanotech in Food Packaging -Issue 34 Nanotech Magazine Article
Nanotech in Food Packaging -Issue 34 Nanotech Magazine Article
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