Nanotech in Anti-counterfeiting Applications


Nanotech in Anti-counterfeiting

Published March 2015 | 3 pages


Counterfeiting is a major problem, costing the global economy billions of dollars per year and affecting every industry from luxury goods to aviation, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. A considerable number of anti-counterfeiting measures have been taken over the last decade but the market still accounts for around 2% of global GDP. According to industry analysts, the cost to the global economy due to counterfeited goods and piracy will exceed $US1 trillion by 2015.

Nanomaterials in Anti-counterfeiting Applications

Nanomaterials are allowing for non-reproducible features in holograms, laser surface authentication, magnetic fingerprints, barcodes, RFID and optical and bio taggants for application in encryption, secure key exchange, the protection of hardware from tampering and other secure identification needs.


  • Nanomaterials in Anti-counterfeit Applications
  • Market drivers
  • Advantages of using nanomaterials
  • Companies developing products incorporating nanomaterials for Anti-counterfeit Applications
Nanotech in Anti-counterfeit Applications
Nanotech in Anti-counterfeit Applications
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