Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), also known as porous coordination polymers (PCPs), are a class of nanoporous materials. They are highly ordered crystalline materials composed of organic ligands and inorganic metals or metal-oxo units (e. g. Cu, Cr, Zn) to produce highly ordered, 3D structures. MOFs possess excellent chemical and physical properties and can be assembled from a variety of metals and a large number of organic linkers, opening up a wide range of applications. A number of start-ups are now bringing MOF products to the market.

Article contents include:

  • Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) properties.
  • Materials.
  • Markets and applications.
  • Company profiles.
  • Metal-organic frameworks products.

Published December 2018 | 5 pages

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) article
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) article
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