Issue 76


January-February 2023

In this issue:

  • Latest nanotech investments, financial reporting, investment plans, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, January-February 2023.
  • Latest nanotech product news, January-February 2023, including quantum dots, nanocoatings and hydrogen technology.
  • Nano-silicon carbon anode materials for lithium-ion batteries.
  • Silicon nanowires for batteries.
  • 2D quantum dots.
  • Carbon nanotube anodes.
  • Quantum dot nanopores.
  • Nanofiber separators for supercapacitors.
  • Carbon nanomaterial EUV photoresists.
  • Nanopore fiber that efficiently adsorbs pathogenic proteins in the blood.
  • Nanofiber wound dressings.
  • Nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology.
  • Cellulose nanofiber¬† injectable medical gels.
  • Aluminium alloys from cellulose nanofibers.
  • Bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) microplastics.
  • Pipe made of cellulose fiber (CNF) and steel.
  • Composite flooring using cellulose nanofiber (CNF).
  • Polypropylene blended with plant-derived cellulose nanofibers.
  • Heat-shielding paint mixed with cellulose nanofibers.
  • Plastic-free packaging solution based on cellulose nanocrystals.
  • Latest graphene product news, January-February 2023.
  • Graphene audio equipment.
  • Graphene-enhanced building materials.
  • Graphene for electric double-layer capacitors.
  • Graphene technology for single cell resolution antibiotic sensitivity testing.
  • Graphene-enhanced antibacterial socks.
  • Graphene-based polymer masterbatch and compounds.
  • Graphene aerogels.
  • Low emission cement and concrete products using graphene.


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Issue 76
Issue 76
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