Issue 73


Published June 2022, 17 pages

In this issue:

  • Latest nanotech investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, May-June 2022.
  • Latest nanotech product news, industrial collaborations and commercial agreements, May-June 2022.
    • Cellulose nanofiber (CNF)-reinforced plastic.
    • Nnotechnology-enabled solutions that improve agricultural and food production, food and nutrition security, sustainability, food safety, high value-added products, and agricultural water.
    • Quantum dots in solar-generating windows.
    • Quantum dots for diagnostics.
    • Nanocellulose for biotextiles.
    • Nanomaterials for lithium extraction.
    • 3D nanocomposite glass.
    • Silica nanobatteries.
  • Latest graphene product news, industrial collaborations and commercial agreements, May-June 2022.
    • Graphene-based display technology.
    • Graphene-enhanced plastics.
    • Graphene fabrics.
    • Graphene for lithium extraction.
    • Turning plastic into graphene.
    • Graphene membranes.
    • Graphene for defence.
    • Graphene for automotive interiors.
    • Graphene for home heating.
    • Graphene automotive composites.
  • Latest graphene energy product news, May-June 2022.
    • Aluminium-Graphene pouch cell battery .
    • Graphene Aluminium-Ion (“G+Al”) batteries.
    • Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) for supercapacitors.
    • Biofuel and graphene.
    • Conductive polymers for batteries.
  • Latest graphene textiles product news, May-June 2022.
    • Graphene smart shoes.
    • Graphene for conductive and heat dissipation fabrics.
    • Graphene in sportswear.


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Issue 73
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