Graphene Quantum Dots


Carbon dots and graphene quantum dots (CDs, GQDs) represent relatively new members of the carbon nanomaterials family. Studies have demonstrated that quantum confinement could appear in graphene with finite size and edge effects-graphene quantum dots (GQDs). GQDs display properties derived from both graphene and carbon dots, combining the structure of graphene with the quantum confinement and edge effects of CDs. They possess unique optical and electrical properties such as:
– strong photoluminescence
– biocompatibility
– exhibit band gap (unlike graphene sheets)

This articles includes:

  • Graphene Quantum Dots Properties
  • Graphene Quantum Dots Synthesis
  • Graphene Quantum Dots Applications
  • Graphene Quantum Dots Advantages
  • Recent commercial activity
  • Graphene Quantum Dots Producers

Published April 2017 | 6 pages.

Graphene Quantum Dots Article
Graphene Quantum Dots Article
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