Swedish nanoelectronics company Smoltek chosen for award


The nanotechnology company Smoltek has been chosen as one of the most innovative companies in Europe by the prestigious innovation and technology magazine Red Herring. Smoltek will thus pitch at the Red Herring event in Amsterdam, on April 12th-13th, in order to become a Top 100 award winner.

Red Herring’s editorial team analysed several hundreds European start-ups within tech and life science industry in order to make their final selection of 268 cutting edge companies. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and technology leaders will all gather during the final presentation in Amsterdam next week. The award winning companies gets the opportunity to be ranked on the prestigious Red Herring Top 100. 

Revolutionary technology

More and more companies within nanotechnology are getting past the research stage to take one step closer to commercialization. Among them, the Swedish company Smoltek has a promising future. Its innovative research within the semiconductors area resulted in reducing the temperature of nanoparticles to under 390°C. This patented technology enables the industries to grow nanostructures on a substrate as for example microprocessors.

“The scaling of microprocessors has reached the brick wall. Using nanostructures instead of today’s technologies can multiply the capacity of electronic components, such as processors, in a revolutionary way”, says Anders Johansson, CEO of Smoltek. He adds “The need for more efficient electronics is driven by underlying market demands such as: Internet of Things, big data, sensors and storage.”


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