New collaboration on quantum dot-based photovoltaics


Quantum Materials Corp and Freschfield PLC have announced the execution of a funded collaboration agreement by which Quantum will work with Freschfield to integrate Quantum Materials Corp advanced Nanomaterials including quantum dot-based solar photovoltaics into Freschfield’s SmartSkinz.

Freschfield has synthesized solar and hydrogen fuel cell technologies into an outer layer building skin – SmartSkinz – which creates a perpetual carbon-free energy source, under any weather condition, time of day and location.

Quantum Materials’ development will focus on developing and deploying advanced nanomaterials to optimize system performance on several levels including the building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) component of SmartSkinz.

“The Freschfield SmartSkinz technology represents a masterful combination of state-of-the-art advances in diverse technologies into one building material, the Freschfield SmartSkinz,” stated Freschfield PLC board member Dr. George Koo. “It will revolutionize the way new cities will be built and by retrofitting, will convert existing buildings into energy self-sufficient structures.”

“Quantum was a natural fit for us, Stephen and I have great synergy and see a similar future,” said Freschfield PLC founder and executive chairman Dr. Randolph Allen St James II. “We look forward to this first step in an extremely important relationship as we develop ground breaking products.”

Under terms of the agreement, Freschfield will fund development by providing $1 million over four quarters to Quantum Materials beginning June 2017.

“This is an ideal application for a number of our high performance nanomaterial technologies not the least of which being quantum dot photovoltaics and we are excited to work with Freschfield to optimize system efficiencies of their revolutionary SmartSkinz offering,” stated Quantum Materials Corp founder and CEO Stephen Squires.



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